Liner Replacement

In-ground liner replacement includes: Custom measurement of your pool for the perfect fit

  • Manufactures extended assurance warranty
  • Everclear extended 5 year labor warranty
  • Wide variety of liner samples to choose from
  • Draining pool
  • Removal of old liner from pool structure
  • Re-smoothing and troweling sand and stonedust bottoms
  • Repairing cracks, bumps and uneven surfaces of vermiculite and concrete bottoms
  • Inspection of pool structure
  • Installation of your new custom fit liner
  • Installation of new skimmer and return faceplates

Services included in an above ground liner replacement:

  • Inspection of Pool To Confirm Size And Structural Integrity
  • Removal of Old Liner From Pool Structure
  • Reshaping And Smoothing Of Pool Bottom
  • Installation of New Liner With Your Skimmer And Return Faceplates
  • Installation of New Skimmer And Return Gaskets