Pool Care Education

Services Included In A Normal Pool Opening

  • Removal of winter cover
  • Removal of water tubes and ice equalizers
  • Installation of ladders, handrails and drop in stairs
  • Removal of winter plugs, gizmos, and skimmer faceplates
  • Installation of directional (eyeball fittings) and baskets
  • Brush pool walls and skim debris off water surface
  • Rinse pool deck
  • Connection and inspection of filter, pump and heater
  • Start up and inspection of automated systems including chemical feeders
  • Overall inspection of all pool equipment
  • Addition of liquid shock and algaecide to chlorine, salt and nature 2 pools; addition of algaecide to pools using baquacil.


Services Included In A Normal Pool Closing

  • Filling and installation of water tubes
  • Installation of winter cover, adjustment for safety covers to ensure a tight fit
  • Installation of winter plugs, gizmos and skimmer faceplates
  • Inflation and installation of air pillows
  • Winterization of pool lines and addition of antifreeze when necessary
  • Disconnecting hoses from filter and pump
  • Removal of automatic pool cleaners and floating chemical dispensers
  • Removal of ladders, handrails
  • Removal of safety lines, timer on/off dogs and shut down breakers when accessible
  • Drain/ clean pumps, de and cartridge filters, remove drain plug from sand filters
  • Overall inspection of pool equipment
  • Addition of liquid shock and winter grade algaecide for chlorine and salt pools, addition of winter grade algaecide to baquacil pools